Up Lighting

Up Lights are a great way to transform any venue, be it a blank canvas or a beautiful old barn our up lighting makes a tremendous difference to the space. Particularly when booking our silver package (that only focusses on local dance floor effect lighting) Up-Lighting is rather important as it makes sure we have light under our control all around the room and stops the gloomy dark hole at the back of the room that can only be combated by turning on some of the white venue lighting that end up ruining that party atmosphere.


The Up Lights take on two functions, during the wedding breakfast for example we can set a static look for the room enhancing its features while matching your colour theme.

BUT come the DJ set our up lighting is programmed as part of our lightshow and so our lighting operator has full control of the rooms lighting allowing them to make the whole room jump to life thus encouraging everyone to get up and dance while still retaining plenty of light to see what you are doing!


Some venues or marquees may offer up-lighting but that usually means you are stuck with a fixed colour or even worse the option of random or sound to light that usually ends up a hideous car crash of colour!


Our up lights are fully wireless and waterproof so they can also be used outside to highlight bushes, tress and buildings however we also offer a bespoke outdoor / tree lighting service with our high performance waterproof colour wash light panels. See our tree lighting page for more information.