The Party Pack

This setup is designed for typical smaller parties or corporate events and is adapted as needed be it upgrading the sound or increasing the lighting.


The show stopping look is our custom modular Pixel DJ booth unique to us.
This houses 3600 LEDs in neon strips behind either a white or black gauze creating incredible graphical effects, from static colour looks, sweeping colour chases to a full classic spectrum analyser bouncing to the music!


We then add in two of our custom pixel towers, these can be configured up to 3.5m high. The fronts are flanked in neon pixel LED while inside them they house strobe/blinder effect lights and impressive high power broken beam effect “moon flowers” lights that saturate the air in beams which spin, change colour and pattern all under control of our lighting operator.


The package includes

– DJ
– Lighting/Sound technician
– Funktion-One sound system (2 x F115 Sub, 2 x EVO-X-SH Mid High)
– 2 x Equinox Helix flower effect lights
– 2 x LED Blinder / Strobes
– 2 x Pixel Towers
– Pixel DJ Booth
– Chamsys MagicQ lighting control console
– Diffusion machine (Smoke detector friendly subtle haze to show the light beams)
– White or Black front gauze.