Platinum DJ Package

This is the daddy of disco setups. This setup fits in a 6m wide space and is ideal for events
of 125 to 500 guests. This takes the gold package lighting but adds two more pixel towers.

The sound system included is an astonishing Funktion-One EVOX system with a massive 24“ ground thumping sub, however where clients want big lighting but don‘t need the audio capacity the smaller system can be employed. This system will deliver serious energy to the dance floor for up to 300 people. Guests will experience music as it was recorded and hear instruments in songs they have never noticed before. But fear not, even at high volume it won’t hurt and will still allow all guests to have a conversation, on or off the dance floor. It simply does not get much better than this.

To take the lighting to the next level the additional pixel towers can be upgraded to include incredible 2.5Watt colour animation LASERs.

The package includes.
– DJ- Lighting/Sound technician
– Funktion-One sound system (1 x F124 Sub, 2 x F115 Bass and 2 x EVOX SH Tops)
- 4 x Beam/Spot moving head lights.
– 4 x Equinox Helix flower effect lights
– 2 x LED Blinder / Strobes
– 4 x Pixel Towers- Pixel DJ Booth
- Chamsys MagicQ lighting control console
- Diffusion machine (Smoke detector friendly subtle haze to show the light beams)
– White or Black front gauze.