Silver DJ Package

The Silver Disco setup is our most compact setup that can fit in spaces assmall as 3.7m wide but can expand to 6m wide and is ideal for up to 50 people dancing.

The show stopping look is our custom modular Pixel DJ booth unique to us.
This houses 3600 LEDs in neon strips behind either a white or black gauze creating incredible graphical effects, from static colour looks, sweeping colour chases to a full classic spectrum analyser bouncing to the music!

Four moving head beam/spot lights then produce an amazing effect giving both an explosive light show and a beautiful canopy of light for the first dance.

All our lighting is under control all night by our dedicated lighting operator making sure the lighting flows perfectly to the beat of the music, this connects the guests more
to the music and enhancing the want to dance!

The package includes.

– DJ
– Lighting/Sound technician
– Funktion-One EVOX-SH sound system 
– 4 x Beam/Spot lights
– Pixel DJ Booth
– Chamsys MagicQ lighting control console
– Diffusion machine (Smoke detector friendly subtle haze to show the light beams)
– White or Black front gauze.