• Silver Disco Package

  • This Disco and DJ system can be set up between 4.5m and 6m and is ideal for most birthday parties such as 18ths, 21sts etc.

    Like the Bronze setup the Silver Disco setups offer the same two lighting configurations, Sniper Beam lighting setup or the moving beam/spot lights. The advantage with the Sniper setup is they are set high up throwing effects over everyone's heads giving atmosphere at the back of the dance floor. The LED beam lights create solid colour beams that can move, flash etc. The sniper lights can do pattern beams and even move so fast they simulate LASERS. This also includes a 3000 Watt Atomic strobe for those big "hands in the air" moments. 

    Where as this system is more suited for a bigger dance floor than the Spot/Beam option it does lose out on being able to create the wonderful big beam broken up looks from low down,  thus we can offer the option to combine these two lighting rigs without booking the Gold setup.

    Again all the light is operated all night by our dedicated lighting operator.

    The sound system takes a next step up here as well, keeping the F115 subs but replacing the F101 small tops with the long throw EVO6 tops, these tops represent ground breaking step in audio quality, people on the dance floor will experience music as it was meant to be heard, instruments they have never noticed in the music tracks before and vocals as if the artist was singing in the room. This system can be upgraded by adding the BR121 subs delivering that extra low energy and enough total volume for up to 350 people.

    This system in its standard configuration is recommended for up to 70 people dancing. 

    How about adding our colour LASER show to this to really make the party go off!

    The Silver Disco package includes.

    • DJ
    • Lighting/Sound technician
    • Funktion-One sound system (2 x F115 Sub, 2 x EVO6EH Tops)
    • 4 x Sniper Beam effect lights
    • 4 x LED Beam Wash lights
    • 1 x Martin Atomic Strobe
    • 2 x Heavy duty winch stands
    • 1 x Chamsys MagicQ lighting control console
    • 1 x Robe diffusion/haze machine