• Health & Safety

  • Health & Safety responsibilities for DJs do not just finish at a PAT certificate or a public liability insurance, we cover all aspects.

    • Insurance

      It is the legal requirement to have Public Liability insurance and Employees Liability Insurance when having anyone paid or to even help us. We hold a combined £10 Million policy.

    • Risk Assesment

      We complete a full Risk Assessment & Method Statement process that is provided to the venues, this confirms that all our staff are aware of the safe working practices required to put the event together. This is a legal requirement when using equipment such as LASERs.

    • P.A.T (Portable Appliance Testing)

      All our equipment is inspected annually, certificates of P.A.T are provided to the venue. This is a requirement to keep insurance valid.

    • COSHH

      What is COSHH? 

      COSHH is the law that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health. 

      We provide documentation for all substances in use, such as haze fluid and CO2 for the dry ice system.

    • BS7909 Compliance

      Electricity is powerful and often the cause of fires, injuries and even death. At events the risks associated with electricity are greater because of the temporary nature of the distribution system. A lack of adequate mechanical protection, varying demands, unpredictable weather and unusual loads all can affect the effectiveness of protection methods used.

      All though most weddings come under the ‘small/simple’ systems category, we still have a responsibility to insure our electrical plug up is safe and within the limits of the local power supply. We provide a design of how much current our equipment is drawing on each supply we take. 

      If a supplier can't prove such competence in this way we would highly recommend seeking one that can.