• Gold Disco Package

  • Our Gold DJ setup is what we recommend to any client for events of 70 to 130 guests. It is 6m wide but can shrink to 5.5m wide if need be. It combines the Sniper and spot/beam setups as per Bronze and Silver for a real wow factor light show that delivers atmosphere to the whole dance floor, but also delivers some lower level search light lighting at the front of the dance floor. We regularly hear guests say "wow" when the setup is revealed to them.

    The sound system here is configured here like the Silver system with the EVO 6SH top speakers which deliver the purist sound you will ever experience. But again can be upgraded to expand the energy even further for up to 300 guests by adding our 21" subs. However above 150 people we recommend going to the Platinum system for a more appropriate lighting rig.

    Why not look at adding our LASER show for really impressing your guests in those big "hands in the air" moments?

    Remember our lighting is operated all night by a dedicated engineer thus the lighting will always be matched to the energy of the music.

    The Gold DJ package includes.

    • DJ
    • Lighting/Sound technician
    • Funktion-One sound system (2 x F115 Sub, 2 x EVO6SH)
    • 4 x Beam/Spot moving head effect lights in white.
    • 4 x Sniper Beam effect lights
    • 4 x LED Beam wash lights
    • 1 x Martin Atomic Strobe
    • 2 x Heavy duty winch stand
    • 1 x Chamsys MagicQ lighting control console
    • 1 x Robe diffusion/haze machine