• Bronze Disco Package

  • The Bronze Disco Package is our smallest setup that can shrink down to 4m wide, it's ideal for small bars for events up to 50 guests where space is tight. 

    This includes our smallest configured Funktion-One sound system designed for near field sound, this is a truly remarakable system in its ability to deliver smooth tight bass and its lovely top speakers delivering crisp highs and true vocals.

    The lighting configured in the Bronze Disco setup is 4 of our spot / beam moving lights that can move exceptionally fast and create a whole host of aerial effects, from tight light sabre beams to wide broken up gobo effects, a LASER type fan effect and a light tunnel prism effect. All operated by a dedicated lighting operator through out the night to make sure the lighting always matches the music.

    We also offer this configured with our Sniper Beam system instead of the spot / beams. This rig is set up on winch stands allowing us to raise it up to 4m, it includes 4 x Sniper lights that again offer a whole host of patterns and colours but use mirrors to scan the beam from slow to such a speed it looks like a LASER! It also includes 4 x LED beam wash lights that create a punchy beam of colour in the air, they can move, be any colour we choose and strobe.

    The Bronze Disco package includes.

    • DJ
    • Lighting/Sound technician
    • Funktion-One sound system (2 x F115 Sub, 2 x F101 Tops)
    • 4 x Beam/Spot moving head effect lights in white or 4 x Snipers and 4 x LED wash beams.
    • 1 x Chamsys MagicQ lighting control console
    • 1 x Robe diffusion/haze machine

    For something a little larger, try our Silver Setup which is our most popular DJ package for events up to 100 people.