• LASERs used well and safely add an amazing dynamic to any party and really draw people to the dance floor. 

    Our LASERs are full colour high performance professional 2500mW pure diode projectors, these are driven by computer software to fully utilise their features. LASERs are the ultimate addition to any party and really get the crowd buzzing!



    LASERs are potentially dangerous, it is in fact illegal to scan the audience for any LASER above 500mW, in general a LASER of any power should not hit anyone in the face. 

    We take care to calibrate our LASERs so they do not scan the audience, there is also a physical shutter set so even if the software fails the beams can't hit anyone. It is also a requirement to have a E-Stop to shut them down in reach of the operator, which we also comply to. 

    Again we complete full risk and method statements when using LASERs.